Privacy Policy

FUSO International (hereafter, “Company”), recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and considers it their responsibility to manage this information appropriately. To this end, Company has provided a privacy policy and will continually observe applicable laws and handle personal information in a safe manner.

Last updated: April 26, 2010

Concerning the handling of personal information

Company considers the careful handling and protection of all submitted personal information to be of the utmost importance.
Company handles personal information according to the following guidelines.

  • Along with observing laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, said information shall be handled appropriately in accordance with practices generally considered to be acceptable.
  • The rules concerning the handling of personal information are clarified and employees instructed thereof.
  • Notification or publication of the manner in which personal information will be used is provided when collecting said information and said information will be handled according to that use.
  • To prevent the leakage, loss and falsification, etc., of personal information, necessary safety measures are provided and the information is managed appropriately.
  • Concerning personal information, when requests are made by the person concerned regarding inquiries, modification, deletion and suspension of use of information, via the stipulated procedures, Company will act on those requests with sincerity.

How personal information is used

IPersonal information will only be used by Company as required for conducting business within the scope of usage as indicated when the information was acquired.
In the event that personal information is to be shared with a third party or the handling of personal information is to be consigned to a third party, Company will thoroughly review said third party beforehand and will provide appropriate supervision to ensure confidentiality.

Management of personal information

In order to ensure that your personal information is both accurate and up to date, Company is continuously taking appropriate measures. Further, safety measures are fully implemented on a systematic, technical and human level, as required by law, to prevent unauthorized access of your personal information and to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage thereof. The third party companies that are consigned by Company to handle personal information will also implement similarly strict measures. In the event of incidents concerning personal information, Company will promptly implement appropriate measures.


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Concerning the disclosure, modification, suspension of use and deletion of personal information

Requests regarding the disclosure, modification and deletion of the personal information retained by Company for a limited period, can only be made by the person for which said information concerns. Requests should be directed to the address given below. Company will promptly act on requests only once such requests are confirmed to be from the person for which the personal information concerns.

For inquiries concerning the handling of personal information

Direct any concerns and inquiries to the following address.

CONTACT General Affairs Department, FUSO International 7F Kanda Sakumagashi 78-4, Chiyoda Ward Tokyo 101-0026 Tel: +81-3-5820-0108 Office hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)